GICA Logistics Software - Air Freight Operation and Management System / Export

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GICA Logistics Software - Air Freight Operation and Management System / Export

All necessary Air Freight Operation functions, Booking, HAWB, OB/L Sample, Load Plan, Trucking, Job Card, Ocean Invoice & Payment, Combine Booking, Combine Invoice, Provisional and Actual Job P&L, Ocean Job AR/AP, Cargo Movement Report, Cargo Move Report by Sales, Cargo Move Report by Client, Consolidated Reports, etc

The cloud based logistics platform is for communication, operation, data exchange, information sharing, central monitoring and control of HELKA following business areas.

- Air Freight Operation & Management (Export + Import),

- Sea Freight Operation & Management (Export + Import),

- Customer Management and Business Partners Management,

- Multi-Modal Transportation System / Project Cargo Operation & Management System

- Exhibition Operation & Management System

- Supply Chain System / Purchase Order Track & Trace System

- Invoicing, Payment, Operation Account Receivable & Payable

- Auto Billing (Auto Inter-com) among headquarters and branches

- Automatic Operation AR/AP to Accounting System Interface

- Cross Office Data Bridging (e.g. Shanghai Job to Hong Kong Job Transfer)

- Cross System Data Bridging (e.g. Ocean Export to Ocean Import Transfer)

- Consolidated Cargo Move Statistics (anywhere anytime of any branches¡¯ data),

- Consolidated Profit & Loss Statistics (anywhere anytime of any branches¡¯ data),

- Client Online eBooking, Track & Trace

- Gica EDI Engine (AMS/ACI EDI and China EDI Systems)

- Business Intelligence (BI) Data Analysis and Statistics

- Rule Driven Event Control and Management System

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China Headquarters:
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