GICA Logistics Software - Customer Relationship Management System

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GICA Logistics Software - Customer Relationship Management System

The Gica CRM System manages the customer profile information, Contacts, Schedule, Memo & Notes, Sales Leads and Followup, Customer Service, Emails, and most importantly the Operational data including Ocean Job information, Air Job Information, CFS & Warehouse information, Invoicing information, etc.

It provides an interface for your Customer Service department, Sales Department, Management, Management teams and other non-operational departments to create, manage and access information about Sales leads, customer service activities, contacts, and so on, as well as to access operational data without log into different operation systems.

The strength of this system is that it shares different kind of information like Schedule yet allow private scheduling information not for sharing, and the accessing data port to operational transactions and invoicing information

1) Customer Management
2) Contacts Management
3) Sales Leads Management
4) Memo & Notes
5) Schedule Management
6) Customer Service Activities Management
7) Email Sharing and Integration with Outlook emails
8) Operational Ocean Freight Jobs & Invoicing Information
9) Operational Air Freight Jobs & Invoicing Information
10) Operational CFS & Warehouse Jobs & Invoicing Information
11) Purchase Order operation information
12) Many other functions for Customer Management and Customer Relationship Management

Here the concept of 'customer' is on all business partners of different kind like shipper, consignee, consignor, notify party, delivery agent, carrier, and so on.

Customer Module manages and controls the credit limit of clients. While creating invoice and debit note, the system will automatically check the remaining credit limit of the client, and pop up warning message if that credit limit is exceeded.

For integrating with the Gica accounting system, the Customer module defines the Accounting Code for each debtor/creditor.

For perform KPI statistics (Key Performance Indicator), the Customer Module allow to define the salesman's information.

The Gica CRM program also allow to define multiple signatures for the same company, such that operator may choose different company signature when handling different operational job like Ocean Job, Air Job, Invoice, House document, Master document and so on.

The Gica CRM program allow sales person to record their sales activities and their communication history with each of their client, through typewriting text content or uploading attachment files in image format, Word format, Excel format or any other kind of documents.

There are many other features that Gica CRM module support. This module is one of the core modules of the Gica systems.

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