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One of the major advantages of GICA accounting system is that, all invoices created in operation departments are automatically posted to General Ledger as journal vouchers. All changes to the invoices are automatically updated to G/L. For example, there are hundreds of invoices being created in one operation office per day. These invoices are posted to G/L automatically for further accounting processing and analysis. No more data re-entry by the Accounting people based on hard copy of the invoices is needed, therefore have avoided the troublesome of duplicated work, data inconsistency, data inaccuracy, and frustration among Accounting staff.

Another feature of the GICA Accounting System is that, operational branch may have its own accounting department. In many of the logistics enterprises, small business sites do not have their own accounting departments due to the small size of the business. In such case, the operational invoicing data should posted to the accounting department which located in another place for example the regional headquarters. That is to say, these business sites are independent in terms of operation but should be consolidated in terms of accounting. In GICA Accounting system, everything is automatically done by the setup of the posting account book and posting accounts.

The third special feature of the Gica Accounting System is that, in a logistics enterprise with many offices, it is quite common that different offices create their own company code to the same debtor/creditor i.e. different company code. When these different company codes correspond to different account code in Accounting System, it becomes un-professional for sending out many client statements to the same company, and difficult for management when they generate the consolidated accounting reports like the Consolidated Client Statement, Consolidated Aging Report, Consolidated G/L and so on. This problem is easily solved in Gica Accounting System.

The GICA Accounting System makes everything you imagine possible.

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