GICA Logistics Software - CFS & Warehouse Management System

2005-07-19 support

GICA Logistics Software - Warehouse Management System

This module provides an off shore CFS and warehouse management functions. The physical warehouse might be in China or Hong Kong while the management of the warehouse is in clients' offices in Brisbane and other places. Operators access the inventory of the warehouse data through Internet. The system supports Barcode operations and Wireless Device operations. You may use your PDA to perform various warehousing operation. Your clients may use wireless devices to check their inventory and warehouse operation history anywhere around the world.

1) WMS Item Setup
2) Barcode Printing
3) Assortment Plan Importer

4) Cargo Receive
5) Receive Cargo Barcode Printing
6) Cargo Pickup & Packing
7) Internal Moving Operation
8) Inventory Adjustment
9) CFS Devanning & Warehouse In Operation
10) Ocean Export to CFS Operation
11) Ocean Import to CFS Operation
12) Air Export to CFS Operation
13) Air Import to CFS Operation
14) Warehouse to Trucking Operation

15) Generate Packing List
16) Generate Invoice
17) Inventory Enquiry and Inventory Report
18) Warehouse Operation History Report

19) Process documents in printer, email or online Fax.
20) Client online Inventory
21) Clinet onlie Operation History
22) Barcode supporting

23) Wireless WMS Operation
24) Wireless WMS Inventory Report
25) Wireless WMS Operation History Report

Hong Kong Headquarters£º
Gica Logistics Software Ltd.
23/F., Win Plaza, 9 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Tel: (+852) 27908810, 92579981
Fax: (+852) 81618488

China Headquarters:

Customer Care Tel: 82196029 Main TEL: 82182239

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