GICA Container 315 Integrates with Carriers feed containers events

2009-02-01 GICA Communication Center

GICA DC (Data Collector System) has been fully integrated with famous Carriers like HAPAG-LLOYD, COSCO, YANG MING. These Carriers feed in Container status events into GICA platform on real time basis. So we have collected the place, status, event, time information of each individual containers. Based on such information, there are much work can do. Container Status Track & Trace is only one of the application. The below information is presented in Chinese. For more information, please contact us at

采用致佳數據整合系統 (GICA DC, Data Collector),

致佳公司物流系統與世界著名船公司如 HAPAG-LLOYD, COSCO, YANG MING 成功互連,并建立“致佳公司貨物與貨柜狀態自動更新系統”的網上平臺。用戶只要有一個貨柜號碼 Container # 或者其他的信息 (比如 Vessel, Voyage 等),就可以通過這個平臺查到貨物的每個相關狀態,并可以用 Push Notification 即主動通知的方式通知客戶。

而且這些狀態的自動變化,與致佳公司的 PO 系統、海運出口系統、海運進口系統、拖車系統、國內配送系統 (Domestic Transportation and Delivery System).等各種物流系統完全連接,也就是說,貨柜的每個動態都會自動修改到致佳系統的 PO 系統、貨代系統、拖車系統、國內配送系統的頁面上,方便操作部門、客戶在線查詢貨柜的狀態,而且這些狀態是實時的、從船公司直接鏈接到致佳系統頁面的,而不是貨代公司自己輸入的。

所以,只要有柜號 Container Number 等基本信息,就可以隨時隨地知道貨物、貨柜目前的狀態。

貨柜的每個動態都會自動連接到這個 Gica EDI315 平臺,這些狀態包括:
CGO CY Gate in
DLP Departure from Loading Port
ATP Arrival in Transshipment Port
DTP Departure from Transshipment Port
ADP Arrival in Discharging Port
LRO Loading Rail Ramp out
DRI Discharging Rail Ramp In
PDC Arrival in Place of Delivery (CY Gate In)
CGO CY Gate out WHI Warehouse In(G/R)
WHO Warehouse Out(G/I)
POD Proof of Delivery
ECR Empty Container Return


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