GICA PO & Freight System successfully go-live in US headquartered logistics enterprise

2013-09-28 GICA Communication Center

Gica Logistics Software Ltd has recently implemented the PO & Freight System for a global logistics enterprise headquartered in New York with 36 branches in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakstan, Phillipines, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, etc.

1) It is a purely web based system. Operation staff can just &plug-and-play* run GICA systems anytime at any office using any computer. There is no need to install any extra software but simply use the standard Internet Browser of the computer.

2) Simple and Fast 每 The system is built in the philosophy of One Click Only. That is to say, the system screens are designed as simple as possible and in a style of &What You See Is What You Get*. Most of the business operations can be done by one mouse click, including data entry, HBL and other document generation, Invoicing, and so on.

3) Integrated with PO System 每 the Buyers at Destination Office in USA/Canada can import PO data via Excel files, then automatically allocated to Origin offices according to the nature of POs. Every single operation on shipment is automatically updated back to the PO therefore Buyers and Destination staff can track & trace these PO easily.

4) Integrated Origin and Destination Operations 每 PO data is automatically allocated to Origin offices for shipment operations; Origin shipment data is automatically mirrored and transferred to Destination offices for arrival operations including domestic operations in USA/Canada.

5) Integated with AMS/ISF/ACI 每 GICA system is automatically integrated with AMS/ISF/ACI for Customs operations. A simple button click transmits the shipment into Customs systems for AMS/ISF/ACI. Responses are automatically feedback via emails.

6) Integated with Carriers 每 GICA system is integrated with major carriers including Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, YANG MING, etc via EDI 315. Every single movement of the containers is automatically updated into the shipment status and PO status. Therefore Operations and Clients can track & trace the shipment status easily.

7) Integrated with Accounting Systems 每 GICA Invoicing system is automatically integrated with various Accounting Systems including PeachTree in Hong Kong, Microsft NAV Accounting System in Canada/USA, UFIDA (User Friend Accounting System) in China.

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