GICA General Manager interviews South China Morning Post

2020-04-18 GICA Communication Center

(Hong Kong, 18 April 2020)

On 18 April 2020, General Manager of GICA Mr. Li had an interview with South China Morning Post.

"Meet the Hong Kong forecaster who predicted spread of coronavirus cases in US"

Demand forecasting is the key capability in retailing. With proprietary algorithms and tools, GicaForecast provides best possible forecasts for fashionable products at both channel and store levels. Multiple forecasting models, including econometric and multi-causal modes fed with early sales data, captures random and product life-cycle variations. Based on the best performance over the time, the final demand model is interactively chosen by planners from a class of forecasting models.

Our expert team has strong background on the forecasting techniques and help retailers to classify products into different categories based on the abilities of forecasting, replenishing and also life cycle of products. Through the classifications, our team can assist clients to select appropriate methodologies for specific class and provide suitable tools for clients for forecasting planning.

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