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2006-01-12 support

GICA Logistics Software - Purchase Order Track & Trace System

The Gica Purchase Order Track & Trace System is an Internet based and enterprise integration oriented system. It provides powerful functions, reports and data flow to allow different parties that are relating to Purchase Orders to create, maintain, follow up, processing, track and trace the whole life cycle of purchase orders.

Buyer - places PO anywhere anytime, then generate the PO document through the Gica Online fax/email program as PO Notification to Origin Forwarder, Destination Forwarder, Vendor and other parties. Buyer may specify the detail information about the PO including the deadline for handling the PO, whether need confirmation for shipping arrangement like vessel/voyage and so on. After that, the buyer can sit in front of the computer and track & trace the processing of the PO and/or PO items. In case the Buyer requests to confirm shipping arrangement which is called ¡®followup¡¯ in Gica PO system, the PO shipping information will be notified to the Buyer for Shipping Authorization.

Origin Forwarder ¨C can help Buyer to enter, edit and manage the PO. The major task for the Origin Forwarder is to chase the Vendor for PO item manufacturing, arrange shipping vessel/voyage, notify Destination Forwarder and other parties about the arrangement, and so on. One PO Item can be shipped out in multiple shipments. The PO items that are close to shipment deadlines are highlighted on screen, and alerting emails will be automatically generated to warn the Origin Forwarders to handle immediately.

Vendor ¨C is responsible for providing information about the cargo readiness and other production related information.

Destination Forwarder ¨C is responsible for providing information about the arrival of the PO shipments, including the arrival date, generating arrival notice, customs clearance delivery and so on.

PO Track & Trace reports ¨C there are dozens of different type of reports to provide information about the whole life cycle of the PO and PO Items. These reports include the notification message, PO Status Report, PO Inventory Report, PO Trace Report, Shipment Summary, PO Summary and other reports. These reports present the actual picture of POs from different angles and different stages. Some of them are about the status. Some of them are about the quantity. Some of them are about time. Most of the reports are about the combination of different elements.

Data bridging and integration with operation systems and other systems
Gica PO systems provide powerful data bridging functions and system integration mechanism to allow PO data and status interactively exchange with operation systems automatically. For example, the generation of House B/L and Master B/L will affect the PO status. If the Gica system is implemented together with Gica Operation Systems (Quotation, Air, Ocean, Warehouse, Trucking System, Container Depot, CFS, and so on), and Gica Integrated Accounting System, the power of automatic data integration and system integration would significantly standardize the operation flow, enhance the data integration, speed up the cash flow, and ultimately improve the competiveness and productivity of the enterprise.

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