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1) The key word of Gica solutions is 'Simple' - Simple to understand, easy to use, least steps to perform a function and fast go. We believe in the eternity of simple things. For achieving 'Simple', we become experts in both software and logistics industry in order to develop simple solutions for complex logistics processes, complex data relationships, and various functions.

2) 'GICA Is 1 Click Away' is not a slogan but a culture, vision and faith. If we cannot do complex thing in a simple way within least steps, it means we still do not fully understand the business. That is why we focus on logistics industry because we are experts in this area.

3) If a software company claims can do ANY software for different industries, its products basically have very limited use because it would not be able to handle the individuality of different industries. It handles general business needs but cannot go in-depth and cannot allow in-depth customization . So we only focus on logistics industry because GICA systems go into the very bottom and very detail of business needs. If any functions we are not provided yet, we are more than happy to do customization because we do not mind to make our systems only do logistics.

4) All GICA solutions are web based because we believe that is the only way to integrate/connect people and businesses. We developed our web based systems since 2003 when all logistics solutions were still based on old technolgies.

5) All GICA solutions are 100% designed, developed and owned by us. We are proud of being a real software company rather than a software trading company - not a third party software reseller, not a System Integration company, nor outsourcing company.

*** Our focus are in below 4 areas mostly being logistics related.

1) Freight Systems including Purchase Order, Ocean Export, Ocean Import, Air Export, Air Import, Exhibition, Project Cargo, Trucking and Delivery, AMS/ACI/ISF, EDI Integration with carriers, EDI 315 Carrier Container Events, Client PO Track & Trace, Shipment Track & Trace, etc.

2) Warehouse and CFS

3) PSI and Accounting (Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Accounting), compatible with MyOB and Yongyou (a standard accounting system in China).

4) ERP solutions, including Customer & Vendor, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Material, Scheduling and Planning, Production, Warehouses, Human Resource Management, Invoicing/Payment, AR/AP, GiCARD systems, etc. Up to end of 2012, we have over 10,000 active users around the world, in US, Canada, Hong Kong, Panama, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Australia, and all major port cities in Asia/China.




3)致佳堅持作網上的軟件:用任何電腦、在任何地方、任何時候、不需要安裝任何額外軟件、在運行過程中也不需要下載任何軟件或控件包括 Applet,就可以運行致佳的軟件,而且保證系統的高速、穩定的運行。


5) 致佳追求簡單:世界是簡單的,簡單的才有生命力,簡單的才會長久,簡單的才最偉大。我們堅持簡單。如果我們無法用簡單的語言描述用戶的要求、如果我們無法用簡單的軟件實現系統的功能,那說明我們還沒有完全真正理解用戶的要求,還沒有找到最好的解決方法。

6) 致佳不害客戶、不做壞事:有本事拿到軟件項目,不等于有本事做到成功的軟件項目。社會上70% 的軟件項目以失敗告終,太多爛尾的項目,害了客戶、也害了自己。做不到的事情,我们寧愿不接項目也不能給客戶一個沒有把握的承諾。致佳不作壞事、不害客戶、不騙客戶。一旦承諾了的事情,即使自己吃虧也要實現做到。作一個受人尊重的公司。 7) 致佳是負責任的企業:勇于承擔自己的責任,致佳也會出錯,會出問題。錯了就是錯了,問題就是問題。錯誤不會由于辯解變為正確;問題也不會由于躲避而自動消失。越是辯解、越是躲避越會增添新的錯誤和問題。相信我們的客戶是講道理、寬容的。解決錯誤和問題的唯一方法是勇敢承認并想辦法立即糾正錯誤、解決問題,并在以后的工作中減少錯誤和問題。

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