GICA NB - The Best Net Browser For Web Application with useful apps and tools

2014-02-09 GICA Communication Center

How to install? Download the above file then run it. This will install Gica NB on your computer and create shortcut for you automatically..

We believe in simple & fast things. We produce simple & fast software - the simpler, the better. Our target is to provide a best web application running environment with many useful apps for network monitoring, network tracing, and web access control. GICA NB - The best Net Browser for running web applications!

1) It is small – only 1M!

2) It is faster than other browsers.

3) No need to set browser parameters. All parameters are already set for you. You just need to download then go.

4) We can control office web access to exclude certain pages, or only allow to access certain page, for example no movies, no shopping pages, etc.

5) We can tailor-made web program/functions dedicated for your business, for example to embed link to other web pages, to monitor the access history of your staff, etc.

6) Built-in apps and useful tools. Already available functions and features - - ping server - tracert network - capture operation screen then email to GICA support team - PC system info - PC environment parameters - PC process list - Other useful network and tools Why good for parents and boss - it helps you monitor, control and get notified of the web pages that your children/staff are accessing ...

GICA NB 致佳冲网浏览器 - 为网上软件系统提供最佳最快最简单的运行环境,包括网络监控、网络跟踪等工具 软件安装方法: 点击上面那个安装文件,选择“执行”就可以安装了,会在桌面自动创建一个捷径。 Gica NB 优点特点说明

1) 适合运行网上操作软件,比如致佳货代系统、致佳货仓系统、致佳财务系统等;

2) 文件小(只有 1M)、速度快

3) 安装简单:不需要作任何额外设置,所有设置帮您做好,只需要安装就可以运行

4) 可以根据您公司上网规则设置特别的访问限制,比如不允许访问新闻电影网站,或者只能访问固定的网站等。

5) 客户化定制:可以根据您公司业务要求进行定制,比如增加特别软件功能、监控等。

6) 系统本身带有很多有用的电脑、网络测试监控工具,以协助用户的使用。目前已有的标准功能包括: - ping 服务器检查服务器访问速度和质量 - tracert 网络路由追踪检查每个网络步骤的性能 - capture screen 截图操作屏幕并发给 GICA 技术服务工程师 - PC 电脑基本信息 - PC 电脑环境参数 - PC 电脑进程列表 - 其他有用的工具 家长与老板的喜讯- 帮助您监视、控制、并邮件通知您孩童/员工每天访问什么网页 ...

For more information, please contact -

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TEL/HK: 27908810; TEL/SZ: 82192239, FAX: (852) 27908248

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